Plans for Tonight June 4th and the morning..June 5th. [As of Now, 9:40 P.M.]

Poem Analysis for Ancient Civ.: ~10:10 P.M.

Take + Organize Notes from “From Dawn to Decadence”(p.67 concept of a Renaissance man;p.79 cultural atmosphere of the Renaissance, position of an aritst(musician); pp.155-6 musical expansion during the ear; pp.157-60polophony, harmony, different styles of Renaissance music): ~11:10 P.M.

Law Assign.#9(almost done): ~11:50 P.M./12:00 A.M.

work on the Renaissance essay: ~1:00 A.M.

study for test on Greece: ~2:00 A.M.

GET UP AT 5:30 A.M.

work on the Essay: ~6:30 A.M.

study for French test #9. a lot to study.: ~7:30 A.M.

Excitement and joy dies after only so long… back to facing the sobering reality again.

Tentative exam schedule has been handed out, conflict with Law and French exams. Tell Doug FIRST THING TOMORROW MORNING. Ask mom to find Harmony 3, Grade 10 practical exam transcripts. SEE DON FOR THE RENAISSANCE FIRST DRAFT. OR DEATH! DEATH! Show Don what I have for LAW. IMPORTANT.

CALL MRS. BERNSTEIN first thing in the afternoon. CALL HER. CALL IRENE.

What else? lots else. :*

It’s 3 after 10 already. DUH. But this is very important. Planning and making a list mean a lot to me; force me to get things done. Think think.. MATH TESTon WEDNESDAY. That’s the DAY AFTER TOMORROW. That’s an easy test. Law test on assignment #8 and #9 (only on the circled questions) on Wednesday too. Must. No excuses.

Hand in the Renaissance essay on Friday no matter what? That is impossible. That is totally impossible.. but once I’m done with the tests and everything–I’m done with Ancient Civ. notes.. then I can focus on them. I will get the 1st draft done tonight, it doesn’t have to be perfect, yet, and I’m getting this done in 3 hours. PLENTY of time. If I can’t get the 1st draft done in THREE hours, the chances of my finishing this essay by the end of the week are slim. Oh, totally.

The next day: study for the two tests..Math and Law. Studying for the series test won’t take more than 40 minutes. Law will take me a little hour and a half at the MOST. Okay.. I still have the exam to keep the mark within the decent range..for Law that is. After seeing Don, Renaissance essay will be in “some” sort of shape, then. I’ll get it edited by myself, and write a complete draft of it, and give it to Agnes, that would be what..Thursday, after I write the math and law test. Hand in the thing on Friday. OH, that works. Then I start working on LAW? NO WAY. I should start on it on..Wednesday. No? Sh*t. I have to show Don Law too. I mean, it’s better to see him than not, no matter what crap I have accumulated so far. That should get me in shape of some kind, and then, I start working on the first half of the “steps” it to him on Thursday. Done with conferences, and I write the 1st draft on Friday,..and Saturday morning, get it edited by myself that afternoon, write a complete copy until Sunday morning, get it edited by Agnes in the afternoon, oh yes, I am devoting the WHOLE day to the Law ISU. And I will hand in the complete copy on MONDAY, JUNE 11TH, right on time. 😀

Hee hee.. off to do the poetry analysis!