Wait for my comeback! Everybody!! YAH!!!

I just wrote my English exam (which I think I screwd up miserably, but that’s O.K.), and , GET THIS:


hee hee 🙂

I was going to get it back by last night, but my mother was at the hospital, and my dad couldn’t “deliver” the computer to me because he had to stay with her. Her family doctor thoght she needed a blood transfer, but the test results were not too bad and she just came back home late at night. She’s okay now, just very tired. It’s funny that I am posting this even though I will have my computer back in just a couple of hours, but I just have been dying to “get in touch with the world” for the past few days.

Love you all! And, somebody who lives in DARTMOUTH 😀 😀, you have my especial attention and you BETTER be there when I get home and turn my computer on. 😛 😛 😛 >:P

See you all shortly!!!!

p.s. just a tiny bit of breaking news — I got the 2nd highest mark in the class both on the final exam and overall in French. 😀 Not that the mark is impressively high at all, but my teacher still said she’s impressed that I’d beaten everybody lol having started only 2 years ago, years behind other kids 😛 I can hardly believe this either, that they have done so poorly. lol

I dread to guess my final mark in English though, I was hoping to do better than on the midterm exam, but all is in vain now. Ugh. This is awful. I have Law exam tomorrow at 9:00 A.M., and I’m going to study my ASS off. Hee hee. I can’t understand how my mark dropped from 91 to 87 AFTER I handed in all my late assignments and my ISU…it was pretty much a nightmare. My ISU mark hasn’t been processed yet, and if that didn’t lower the last mark and I get 100% on the final exam, then I could get..about 93%..or higher..argh argh argh argh argh. I hope my ISU made my mark go up, so I can hope for at least 95%. THAT’s going to be rewarding. I worked so hard ever since my return to school and it’s so depressing working that hard barely keeps me above the water. There will be four 90’s marks, and the rest is all going to fall between 83~89, and if I get lower than 85% (my present mark) in English I will be very, very sad. Well, it was my fault not to study a lot yesterday…. But who knew it would be out of freakin’ FOURTY FIVE? Each mark lost is worth terribly a lot. I’m going home…. ergh.. p.s. longer than the body of the message.