Great, I made such an effort to come out to the library today, and look what they’ve got for me – “Whoops…server problems, please check again later!”

Now isn’t THAT just great or what?

I’m in my awfulestly tiniestly shortest skirt (yeah, THE one) and why do you think it just turns round and round around my waist while I’m walking? It’s just funny, and I think I was right when I asked the girl for one a size larger..but then she said “you’re such a tiny person! Size zero fits you JUUUST right” and I, well, was just feeling so hurried because of the guys waiting outside… grrrr I don’t know! The width of it and everthing looks right, but I just feel nervous when it turns round and round like that cuz it feels like it’s going up by a milimeter everytime it turns!

I’m going NUTS. **** for short skirts. lol

It still feels neat, the skirt itself is very pretty, and I just hope I look deserving of it ;P

Okay.. let me check my e-mail again.. if it’s still not working, I guess I’ll write s’more on here.