okay.. school marks don’t matter to some people so much, and I MAY be an absolute nerd, but I just earned 102% on my Modern Western Civilization test, and 101% on the second Math test, after the 96% on the first one. I am excelling in Finite and got 103% on the first test, and pretty well in US History as well, although mediocre marks I got on a couple of lazily done assignments kind of lower the 96% I got on the test. I don’t think I’ve ever done so well in school lol I mean.. over 100% marks on several tests????? The teachers are EXCELLENT, I have been thirsting for quality teachers all my life :PPP Because I’m a senior student I’m getting the best teachers who put in their best efforts in the courses.. they teach several other grades but the OAC and grade 12 courses get their most attention. I especially adore the math teacher, who teaches both grade 12 Math and Finite.. He is the funnest and most comprehensive math teacher I’ve ever met. GREAT!! AND he’s cute sooo.. nice for the eyes too 😀

Also, the contents of the courses are most interesting for me.. Now, economics is the odd one of the lot, for the last test I didn’t even know what to study lol On the first test (which turned out to be a quiz!!!! NO!!! I studied so hard for it!!!) I got 89%, and on the last test .. I am expecting something in mid 70ish per cent, if I’m lucky or the teacher was intoxicated when marking my test. I am even ready for a 60 something.. ;PP but it’s just one test.

It’s just one test. On the reverse side, it also sounds like a curse to me.. like … I’m doing well because it’s the beginning of the year!? Long ways to go.. and I’ll be losing marks down the road?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!