Time passes so slowly without you… I feel as if everything stood

still.. When you were here, the whole day would pass by so quickly..

It’s sad to think that there is no more of you in Toronto, not if I

go to your house, not if I go to St. George station, not if I go to

Yonge Street and go to HMV… I miss you so much.. 🙂 I didn’t

realize how much I would miss you until you were gone, out of my

sight.. I wanted to climb back the descending escalator to catch your

face once again.. I can still see you waving your hand at me, but I

can’t remember your face very well.. Honey.. everything I see reminds

me of you, all the things we saw and touched together, people on TV,

Simspons show, Seinfeld.. I feel like there is nothing to do after

having you by my side every day.. I look at the clock and it’s only

4:30, I’m thinking about what things we could be doing at this hour..

I’ll never ever find any other person comforting enough to make me

forget about you.. I love you so much.

Miss you,