I did my research for the first two projects for Survey I. I am glad. I slept in this morning. I went to bed at 3 a.m. this morning, slightly tipsy and had a very satisfying sleep and woke up around 8 with no feeling of tiredness. Of course, I went back to sleep after about 15 minutes, mainly because I wanted to have enough sleep for my skin 😮 How vain, but my skin has been very troublesome the last couple months so I am taking utmost care of it.

I am listening to tango. So beautiful..

The topics I chose for my papers are the theme of love in troubadour/trouvère poetry, and the use of refrains in French fixed-form songs from the 14th century and another era. I need to do some more research online but I’m glad at least I got started on it. I am going to be good this semester. Tomorrow is my birthday and all, and I want this to be a whole new chapter of my life.

Now I am going to go and practice..and maybe later I will go out and buy a hole-puncher as well as mail some things.