Right. So today’s my birthday and I did my laundry, had a lesson and classes and I did some practicing done (for the lesson). I should remember to bring my MD recorder from next time, to record my lesson. REMEMBER! 🙂 I got many phone calls from friends congratulating my birthday. I heard that Stephen Kates died, by the way. It is incredibly sad. I thought one day I might get to play for him. He’s one person in the U.S. I really wanted to study with other than my teacher. *sigh*

I bought a few things today. I bought Logitech ClickSmart 310 Web&Digital Camera, Emanuel Feuermann biography (book and a CD), a Kreisler CD, and the new release by Hilary Hahn. I spent about 70 bucks today.. I thought these were necessary things though. 🙂 I am not going to spend any money for the next little while.. ANYway, that’s what I did. Now I am going to bed. 🙂

Oh, and also, it’s a great thing to feel that my teacher has faith in me.