Yes, yes, yes, I got up at…*sigh* 7:30, an hour later than I planned, but I got 4 hours of sleep. Mind you, I was still tired like a sick dog getting out of the bed then.

So by now I am getting tired of this a little bit. Or just getting tired. Probably the latter. I only have one more hour to do this. Actually I have more time after my 12 o’clock class. I kind feel asahmed to see my teacher though. Because it’s late and all. Of cousre, I am not the only one, I think about 3 people in the class handed in their completed assignment. But anyway, here’s where I’m at. So I got up at 7:30 and summarized all those bad-ass paragraphs..about 40 of them. I ate, checked my mailbox and picked up my copy of Harper’s March issue, and printed out half of the summary, was not happy with the layout(!), printed them again after fixing stuff, set to work on my comments, printed out the first page and was not happy with the layout(! I should die.) And now I am commenting on the 55th paragraph. Which means, I have about 90 more to go. It took me about an hour to summarize 40. so I just need one more hour to finish this commenting stuff. I have a feeling that the thesis and abstract will be relatively easy, and will only take me about 30 minutes. So I could finish this quite happily halfway through the afternoon. I mean, I am enjoying working on this. I do see that it is rather meaningful that I do this. God, I need to practice. But I won’t think about that now. I am perfectly happy at the moment. I just needed a moment to breeeeeathe.. Anyway, I should go back to commenting more. 😀