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“On Thu, 2003-03-27 at 22:04, Jen wrote:

> First. How many of you have been to any of the peace marches or protest

> rallies, etc.? Because I’d like to read some *first hand* accounts, rather

> than listen to people who are being told what may not be the truth by

> corporate media. Unless you’ve been there yourself, or have been caught in

> one inadvertently (say, by blocked streets or traffic, etc.), how can you

> really know if what you’re being told on the news is true?

I went to one in Toronto (outside the US Consulate) the day after war

broke out. It had been planned for quite some time — 5 p.m. on the

first full day of bombing. Want to know what happened? Absolutely

nothing. I mean, peace rallies are actually quite boring. A bunch of

people give speeches, and there’s a lot of milling around, flyers being

handed out, etc.

I was there for an hour and absolutely no violence of any sort happened.

But, apparently after I left, ONE GUY charged the US Consulate. An

extremely stupid thing to do when there are literally 200 police

officers guarding it.

What does the Globe and Mail print the next day as the photo showing the

protest? The photo of the guy getting arrested, spread-eagle on the

ground with a police officer’s knee in his back. Not the two or three

hours of peaceful protest. So it just goes to show you: The media will,

generally, print what they believe sells papers. Nothing sells papers

better than inciting moral outrage in middle-class citizens. (“Those

hoodlums! The police should do something about them. And I’ll subscribe

to the Globe so I can keep tabs on what’s going on.”)

– Julian”