Some kind of weather already… but I did get up early, like around 7:20. I was awake from about 20 to 7 though. Since then I’ve been just… floating about at my computer. I started the day with Barber violin concerto, then downloaded Talk To Her soundtrack, added some more movies and CD’s to my wishlist and listened to some more Radiohead, Coldplay, Massive Attack and Tricky. I have decided that I am not crazy about the last two, although I do like some Massive Attack very much. I have also decided that I prefer Purcell to any of these groups. Haha… but it’s all cool, now I have accumulated enough MP3s to make up a several-hour-long playlist so I can listen to them when I feel like it any time.

I was disappionted that the sky wasn’t so bright as I woke up.. it’s supposed to be a pretty warm and nice day, but all I saw was mirky cloudiness. It’s going to get sunny later in the day, it says.

*While I was sleeping, Casablanca has been downloade completely.