Happy Dilemma

MAN GUYS.. I am listening to the third movement of the Prokofiev Sonata (cello of course ;)). Oh the lights are flashing orange and silver tonight again, but the streets are shiny also from the rain that wet them all day.

Anyway, god this is just so.. beautiful. It’s extremely beautiful and I mean it. God I can’t describe it.. describing this in words would ruin its beauty and would be a total insult to this heavenliness. Man I gotta play this… but I am not really sure if I will, at least not this summer because I know that lots of people around me will be playing it at the summer camp, and I am not too crazy about the first movement at least at this point in my life. See, I always thought the Elgar was a great piece, but I never thought I would play it any time soon because it seemed just so romantic and deep for me. Last year I was going through a lot of stuff and then it seemed just the right time to play this piece and it did indeed provide me with such comfort that I could find nowhere else… can’t tell you enough of the cathartic effect it had on me. After reading Anna Karenina during last summer I’ve kind of wanted to play a Russian piece, such as the Shostakovich Concerto. (But this past year being my freshman year and my first year with a new teacher, I had to choose less challenging pieces so I could focus on fundamental things like developing a better tone, etc., so I ended up doing some Schumann, Bach and Elgar.. ). That rich and brooding darkness, the life-and-death seriousness of the Russian soul seemed like something I could totally delve into and relate to and express very well. So, although it’s not THAT dark and has a more fantastic aura to it (Prokofiev’s signature characteristic..), Prokofiev has been in the back of my mind for some time now.. but I am also very attracted to another piece called Pohadka (Fairy Tale) by Janacek. It’s a fantastic small piece. Hmm.. maybe it would be a good idea to e-mail my teacher and ask him? Yeah.

Well actually I’ve kind of made up my mind about this, to play the Janacek.. because someone in my teacher’s studio just played the Prokofiev in a recital, and I’m not sure if I want to play that piece like NOW.. you know what I mean..? I am not totally going nuts about the first two movements at all but the third movement.. GOD! Just like how the 2nd movement of the Chopin sonata used to drive me right up the wall (in a fanTAstic, beautiful way, of course). What to do!? I might just learn and play that 3rd movement. Haha…

Yeah… and I think it’s kind of time for me to move on to less hardcore romantic melodies anyway, after playing the Elgar for a few months. Whoo. Some parts of Prokofive don’t grab me as strongly. The Janacek, on the other hand, is TOTALLY different, so mysterious and exotic and attractive in a really curious way.. hmm… yeah. It’s like an exotic, wild looking shell the like of which I have never seen or touched before. I can’t wait to see what’s inside, and have a feeling that it’s going to be something wonderful and amazing. See the thing about this piece is that it has this impressionist edge to it on top of the folkishness that is Janacek’s hallmark. I think it’s going to do me good. It’s also much much less known and played, so it’s very fresh for me and for the audience. Okay. I’ve made up my mind.

The rest of the fourth Bach suite, however, is driving me insane (in a bad way, but I’m sure it’ll turn out to be a good way eventually..the wait is hard though). What the ****!! I had an idea today – maybe I should figure out the bassline for the entire thing.. because I know that doing so helped me a lot with the Prelude. I’m not a music theory genius, although I do seem to have an intuitively gifted set of ears.. might need to wait until I meet somebody really talented in doing that at the summer camp.

Anyway, first of all I need to get the music for the Janacek piece. SO! I am very excited. 🙂 Yay. I’ll still play through the Prokofiev with a pianist friend or something once I am at the camp.

*sigh* beautiful music. 🙂