HAHA VERY FUNNY… 😦 I hit backspace without being aware that I had clicked on the browser window, which resulted in.. loss of my entire post for the day.. 😦 ARGHARGHARGHH…

OKAY.. this seems to happen a lot today.. I’ll try to recapture very quickly what I originally wrote.

My family moves in two days. We are almost done with packing. I am excited.

Today I found out a few things about myself while drinking with parents (yeah every single night, literally.. actually sometimes more than once in one day.. like today.. 😮 I’ll keep the rest to myself.. ‘nough said already FYI) – including the fact that my mom conceived me on the date my maternal grandfather passed away. Um actually, the other way around. It’s special because my grandfather was the first human being ever with whom I remember having a deep spiritual connection. Even as a child, I developed such a strong friendship with him and it was a rather strange thing because my grandfather was notorious for being mean to kids in general, even to his own grandchildren – except for me. I remember him as such a sweet old man..who was deeply in tune with himself and loving towards..me, and totally humble towards and believing in God. He was definitely someone to look up to for me and his charisma intimidated me at times, but I never felt scared of him for one moment.

Oh, and I’ve decided to learn both the Prokofiev Sonata and Pohadka. Also: did you know that the bold titles of the pieces I mentioned on my blog so far are all links to what I consider to be a definitive recording of each piece? Well, they are, and now you know. These are all great recordings. You should all get them, if you don’t have them already, which you should if you are a lover of the cello or if you are a serious student of music, which a lot of you are, so SHAME, GREAT SHAME ON YOU if you do not have these recordings yet. Well you can change that easily though: it’s only a simple click away! HAHAH.. umm yes I get paid to do this.. it’s called bloginfomercial. [/bullsh*t] 🙂

Anyway, so I’ve decided to learn both pieces; and I’ve also decided that since I am learning it, I might as well get myself to like the first movement of the Prokofiev Sonata. Well I’ve always loved the ending of it anyway. I think I am getting like the rest of it more, also.. which is great.. because just imaginei playing a piece you find to be absolutely dull and common.. ohhh speaking of dull – guess what other piece I decided to play that I formerly resented and never though I would play… Beethoven A Major Sonata (No.3)!! 😀 Yes.. I’ve sold out.. you know it’s an audience favourite of all time.. I’ve succumbed to the public’s want, to play the crowd pleaser and be a suck up! I am rolling into a cheeseball guys.. Although, the Scherzo is just.. transcendetal genius.

Okay.. hopefully this time this post gets published right. I am going to bed now guys. 🙂

And: my skin is dry tonight.

And: I go see a concert at RCM tomorrow night at 8.. I have a ticket reserved for me.. cool eh

And: okay nothing else.. hehe.. gotcha 😉