Too Smart To Be So Dumb: Our next intellectual elite may not be smarter than the last, but it’s more ruthless and rude. It sues to prove its kids are “gifted.” IQ is the new Gucci…

I have some issues with this article but parts of it are worthy of interest regardless. Hey, it has an (indirect) Orwell quotation; I didn’t know he said that “truly brilliant people and truly talented people often believe truly stupid things.” – The Soul of Wit: You can be moral and yet be dull, sullen, priggish, and dour. Laughter is a potent force, an aesthetic virtue that gives life joy…

🙂 Interesting. Also, at this point I am thinking of subcribing to this paper.

My Canadian find of the day. Futurists.You know, those learned chaps who told us of the coming of the leisure society, the self-cleaning house, and the paperless office… : yes, paper rocks! 🙂

AND this. TAP: Vol 14, Iss. 6. American Bioscience Meets the American Dream:Here and abroad, the road to self-fulfillment is lined with drugs and surgery..: Cosmetic technology, lifestyle drugs: medicine used to cure sickness and make us feel better. Now it makes us feel better about ourselves… Carl Elliott.

Great food for thought.

BY THE WAY.. can anybody help me find out how to UNsubscribe from the The New Yorker? They have this 800 number for subscription service but I can’t find it on their website for my life. 😦 I can’t read it while I’m in Toronto so I need to cancel my subscription ASAP to get my money back!!!!