Listening to the fudging beautiful voice of Edita Gruverova singing Ah, verrano a te… with Alfredo Kraus. Oh man. F*dging beautiful. ARGHHHHHH. I think I’m about go crazy.





those ear-shattering, XXXXXXXXXly gorgeous high notes… just.. kill me with this, whoa…

oh man.. Monserrat Caballe singing O mio babbino caro… holy.. *sigh* .. juice me up baby… oh my god

oh man

Wow.. that has made me cry


this has got to be the most gorgeous O mio I have EVER heard in my entire life. It is. OMG. I want to share this with you guys. Maybe I’ll arrange a time for us to gather in a yahoo conference or something so we can listen to it together. We should really do this. Hey wouldn’t it be really fun? You can come in under a disguise name.. I think that would be really fun. Let me know your thoughts on this one okay?


WHAT THE F*CKING HELL? DID you know that Ofra Harnoy freakin’ played with Placido Domingo, playing the solo parts in a Tchaikovsky song?! HOly what a f*cking lucky brat!! MAN! MAN!!!! A person can be that lucky..

Wow.. what a gorgeous song by the way..