Just short ramble for now, cuz I’m in a hurry:

Going to a Chinese resturant in Toronto, on a bus, with Gabriel. Saw Earl, I was in a car later on but the night before I met him at a restaurant too, alongside his mother and some other people. My parents might have been there too? Or just Mom. Earl got upset over a political issue and tried to smash a door open. Didn’t see what happened – I either avoided or actually, my brain fast-forwarded the violent scene. After a second I saw some bloody soggy bunch lying flat on the floor. Blood stains.

Before that.. I really should’ve recorded this as soon as I woke up, but I was too busy.

Darkness, and training in the dark. The Chinese food was good. Yes, this story so far is in reverse order, except for that last sentence. Anyway, don’t have time to sort things out for your comprehension so here goes the rest of whatever I remember from that dream. So the food was good, there was a whole line of people and we had to wait a while to get in. We got a small table just like the small tables in NEC cafeteria by the walls, and we ate. The food was good, although I didn’t eat much. Dad? Was Dad in that dream last night? I don’t think so.. not even Mom.

Anyway, the story continues.. I remember a highrise building and being in an elevator, and I remember marble floor and walls and all that. Marble. Marble. What’s up with marble anyway?

I don’t remember much. I know that Earl was upset like crazy. Nobody could stop him. He broke into the room eventually, after slamming apart that door and there was that white thing, about the size of a rabbit. Come to think of it, it might have been a piece of rag with blood stains on it. I think whoever Earl wanted to kill had gone into non-existence. And nothing else is vivid, except for my conversation with Earl the next morning. It was a peaceful spring day. Very sunny. I was sitting in a car, in the driver’s seat and Earl was standing by the window on the right side. I asked him why he had gotten so mad. He explained. He seemed like a grown-up man. I missed him.

DAmn. I can’t remember any more. But that conversation and the evening before when I met Earl and his family are still very vivid in my mind.


I am practicing.