I was driving down the road with a few friends, the bridge was about to be closed for the night… it was pitch dark and we didn’t exaclty know the way to my aunt’s house. We still went but left pretty quickly, especially at my mom’s phone call. I went to look for her in a hotel that I swear I have seen before. Downstairs it was connected to a mall.

Yes, I HAVE seen this place before.. I remember once getting lost among the zigzag of numorous escalators and then finally getting on the train outside, then walking around another hotel district and I took the subway with my friend back home. Wherever it was..

Anyway last night I had a really weird dream and I woke myself up by crying out loud. I thought I was only making crying noises but in the morning I discovered that I had actually had tears in my eyes. I was sad and somewhat disturbed throughout yesterday evening (haha so much for the heavenly day 😛 but my mood swings ARE getting less extreme these days) and maybe that’s why? I also spoke to Mom (in Korea right now) on the phone. She was staying at a hotel and was about to check out and go to my aunt’s place. Anyway, I was trying to find her in this hotel and I went up to the front desk or something.. there were a few indifferent looking office workers and I saw the sign that said something like I should go and use this machine to find any guest information. I went to this screen kinda thing and a touch-pad, and I tried to find my mom. I went up to her floor. I still felt very lost, though. I missed her. I wanted to find her really badly but she wasn’t anywhere.

And then for some reason I was in a masterclass. Somebody played and it was quite all right. We had to give commenets and so we did, and this person got all worked up and struggled to improve things. She/he did, but with tears welling up in her/his eyes and his/her face flushed. I felt guilty and too sympathetic to be there any more…

And that’s all I remember. I am still sad. I must go now, though. I am late for my appointment.