I did a cool thing tonight.

Today was not necessarily a GOOD day, but I’m happy now, relatively. Now it’s just getting up at 6 that’s left to do.. and of course I know that it’s only a piece of coconut cake. Haha.


so the cool thing that I did tonight is that I went to see a concert by a French jazz vocalist Claudia Solal with her pianist Dan Tepfer at the Zeitgeist Gallery in Cambridge with my roommate, waiting for the bus in the cold, walking through the wind and the rain through a fishy neighbourhood, again waiting for the bus… ahhhh.. it was worth it – rather. Now this might be an interesting influence on my improvisation on D7 and G7 chords assignment for Jazz Theory & Improvisation class. I really liked the pianist, though some of his chord choices weren’t exactly on the dot (that is, they didn’t hit me the right way, not that they were bad or anything – it was consistent with his overall style; besides, he was cute and had a nice voice, too, not to mention an impeccable sense of rhythm – which, as we all know, is the least important :P). I was really struck by the vocalist’s scat singing overlapping exactly with what I was singing in my head at some moments. They carried me to euphoric heights at different points throughout their performance (the first half of which we missed. . so sad) and made me laugh and smile etc., and the atmosphere of this pretty run-down teeny tiny gallery with its dim lighting really grew on me fast.

[ad lib, directely quoted from the comments since it seems to elaborate the all-too-compendiary original content:

T: Interesting little place, isn’t it? I’ve only been in there once, but have walked by many times (you’re getting close to my part of town ;)). Was the event well attended? What was your sense of the crowd?

me: the crowd was very small, at least when we got there – about three fifths of the way through the concert – and kept getting smaller and smaller. i was shocked by how small the crowd was at first, but then it felt really intimate, especially once we moved closer to the front. it’s not a very big place to begin with. well it is pretty TINY.. about the size of two of our dorm rooms put together. the crowd was pretty appreciative but quite shy, but got more and more involved as it grew smaller – personally i felt as though the performers were enjoying themselves even more, perhaps because they felt that those in the audience who were staying to the end were truly appreciating what they were doing. i felt as though all of us were in a collective dream initiated by the performers, floating about holding hands. haha. yeah i think of all sorts of crazy things like that when i go see a performance. anyway, i really enjoyed the feeling of them performing just for us. or, just for themselves. i imagine myself having to perform in that kind of situation – where there are only a handful of people in the audience… i’ve heard about concerts like that and they seem to be able to become unique experiences where you completely let go of yourself and play for nobody else but the music and yourself. or just the music.




Yeah, so this is all jumbled up but what do you expect… I am quite positively spent at the moment. 🙂 I am happy to go to bed and get up and do my work now.

Eh. In case you’re wondering what I must look like on such a night as this, here are some quick shots of me.

Good night, guys.

*note for today, October 22: you won’t see these pictures until 00:00 tomorrow, because apparently I, well you and I, have exceeded the daily maximum bandwidth usage per day thus locking my account for the day. I guess you can’t complain about freebies, though.