I am f*cked up retarded tired.

W00T!!!! I am so seeing a person in the classroom in the other building right across from my dorm room cleaning a mirror in it. Am I f*cked up crazy? THe building is supposed to be locked at 8 p.m. and as far as I know there shouldn’t be anybody in this building at.. at.. hell, at freaking 12:30 in the morning. WTH?! Am I finally going crazy? Okay. I want to know who that person is. Wow. Why would you work at this hour anyway? Not only that, at around 11:45 every night I see thse two class rooms light up… wow that person is now in the classroom next to the previous one and arranging chairs and crap. Wow. Wow. I hope I am not just seeing things. THis guy is now wearing a green shirt. No, wait, guess what!! There are TWO people, one in the first room the other the next. The one in the first room is in white, and is a very short person. It’s likely that this person is a woman. The other person in green seems like an African American male. I am not even making things up. I am NOT KIDDING, guys.


So yes. I am f*cked up retarded tired and the saddest part is that I am not even kidding and it’s already 12:30 AM. Or 00:30, rather.

I am still seeing them.

Wow. Hello people. Welcome me to your nightly world. 🙂 Do you think they might see me if I waved my hand really hard? Nah.. didn’t think so. Oh well. They must be real hungry and tired. I want to give them something to eat and talk to them while they work.