Just came back from Lang Lang’s recital. What do I have to say? Demonic Genius. WIZARDRY and Pyrotechinics, in the most unexaggerated sense. It was wondrous. I don’t think I’ve seen a show like this in so many years – maybe since my childhood even. Yes. You go see special effects in the Matrix for wows?? I go see Lang Lang’s recital. Seriously, I think he’s got true market value. I don’t see any reason why a person of any age of any taste would not find this performer mind blowing. You could not believe your eyes or your ears. The loveliest part of it was when he brought his father to play an encore piece with him, on the Chinese traditional instrument Erhu. I haven’t seen a concert where EVERY SINGLE person was genuinly impressed and got up to their feet screaming bravo’s in years. Now this is one of those legends that I would be telling my grandchildren about. Not only did he play well, he put on the total package of a great, marvellous (in the literal sense yes), entertaining (!) CONCERT. SHOW. PERFORMANCE. WOW. Now THAT was a concert I call a good show that’s worth my money. I really would pay to see him play again. I felt to be amidst history in the making. Bravo, truly.