“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

– Aristotle

So yeah. That’s that, but I am so really stressed out. Today I was on my way to mail my application for a music camp to which I had decided to go at the last minute. The deadline is tdoay. I needed to get a bank draft of twenty five pounds to send along with my application, so I went to my bank, and asked them to get me a draft in pounds. Guess what they told me?! I NEED AT LEAST A DAY TO GET IT!!! YES, you heard me. Dah. GARRGH. And then there is the recommendation letter issue. This one professor with whom I am trying to get in touch is out of town. Thankfully he is associated with the camp itself so I assume getting in his letter late must be less fatal than the application says. They do accept late applications, but of course, I lose priority. Oh well.. what can I do? I couldn’t help it because I didn’t think I would apply until just before the weekend.. But yeah, the moment I heard that I had to wait for the bank draft, my whole morning/early afternoon was pretty much ruined… I ate a crappy little something in the caf and had coffee. My original plan was to mail this darn thing as well as a package to my friend, and eat, and start studying, but oh well, look what I’ve got now.

Geee… well but I learned about a few things so that’s good.. such as the fact that bank drafts take 1~3 business days to process, and if I find a good opportunity, not to hold back until the last minute but to go for it whether or not I think I’ll make it. Anyway. But damn, the service charge alone cost a lot. oh well.. such is life, stradgirl. In the end none of this would be a serious matter in my life in retrospect. The important thing is that I learned something today.

And as far as what I have already learned in my music history class, yes, I should just go and show it all off on my two-hour-long exam. It will be a fun experience. I hope I feel good and well after this exam so I can start on my philosophy paper rather immediately.

As for the quotation above, it’s got nothing to do with what I’ve just written, as you might have noticed; I just found it somewhere and thought it was a cool statement. Yeah. Speaking of which… nope, the truly interesting thing has not arrived here yet. 🙂 Look for it in the next.. couple weeks I say.

Life is quite stressful.. er. I still can’t complain. It’s better to have an exam in Music History than, say, in astrophysics or something. Right, Thayne? 🙂