“Over the course of the 20th century, art was “redefined” and its boundaries “expanded” to the point where anything, including a stained mattress or a pile of rotting apples, can be called art. Such notions as quality, beauty, skill, and excellence were proclaimed obsolete and even elitist. And what did we end up with instead? An odd mix of political propaganda (usually for an assortment of fashionably left-wing causes), shock value (pornography and sacrilege are perennial favorites), narcissism, gimmickry, and plain old quackery.”

– What’s so great about art without beauty? By Cathy Young

The same for music and most anything. Elitist my ass.. where did “quality” and “excellence” and “skills” go? They shouldn’t be all that there is to measure up a work of art (a bogus concept but we like to value and grade things) but it’s really just a comfortable excuse to do whatever and call that art IMHO. The philosophy behind it should be taken seriously but going off on this tangent too far can’t work either. Truths are relative but there are some with rather sustaining and universal qualities – same goes for the notions of “beauty” and “art.”

Amid the cheers, sobering facts By James Carroll