I need money.

You read it right, I need money.

By the way, I got the cafe gigs for the following concerts at Symphony Hall:

Cecilia Bartoli on Feb. 27th,

Anne-Sophie Mutter, Andre Previn and Lynn Harrell trio on April 14th,

Frederica von Stade (one of my fav. singers) on April 28th,


Wynton Marsalis Septet on May 7th.

I get to see these people for free!!!!

Dave Brubeck is performing on March 27th at Berklee and Sonny Rollins in early April, but tickets to these are like 40 bucks. If I want to get any decent seat I better reserve a ticket NOW, but I don’t have that kind of money.

Time to sell some CD’s on amazon.com now – and some books… man, the money I’ve been spending at USPS lately.


I am making SOME (a grand sum of 225 d o l l a r s) next weekend, but I need more than that to make up for what I’ve been losing. I am insane. I am going insane. I actually have been insane. You need to be a millionaire to study music. It’s crazy. It’s not me, it’s this business that’s crazy!