I don’t have money to sign up for YMCA membership.

Is that SAD OR WHAT?


I don’t have freakin’ 99 bucks to sign up for the freakin’ Y freakin’ MCA.

LIke, freakin’ like… well, I am getting paid soon, for the grand total of 36 hours I worked at the NEC Residence Hall Guard Desk, and for a few hours of audition proctoring. That’s about 240 + about 56 bucks.. so about 300. I’ll sacrifice 100 from that.. so I can freakin’ sign up for the freakin’ Y freakin’ MCA so I can shape up gorgeously for the summer.

Man. Money. MONEEEYYYYYY. I hate money.. I hate how EVERYthing costs so much money. Yuck. Yuck yuck yuck!!!!!!!!!