I could not concentrate on my music history paper, so here’s a random piece for my sculpture class.

Space 1: My Room

My room is about 8meters long, 4.5 meters wide, and about 4 meters high. It is a long room divided into two identical sides: it is a dorm room for two people. It is not excruciatingly small, but not terribly big at all either, which can seem either cozy or suffocating depending on the weather, the amount of the light coming through the blinds, or the time of the day.

Of the four sides of the room, the one opposite of the door mainly consists of windows, which are covered with white blinds, and below the windows is the radiator which is mostly hidden behind the desks and dressers lined up against it; the desks and dressers have white tops and light-varnished wooden bodies. There are two beds in the room, each put alongside the length of the room with a little bit of space between the desk and itself for the chair. One end of the bed is up against the side of the white built-in closet that has sliding doors. Attached to this side of the closet is a book case, with three shelves, to which a stick-shaped fluorescent light is attached.

The furniture in this room overall seems to be from the 80’s at the latest, which creates a homely but strangely nostalgic atmosphere. The walls and ceiling are painted white, just as the closet and the tops of the rest of the furniture and the blinds. It isn’t a blinding shiny white, though, adding to the general homeliness of the room. The floor is covered with light ocean-blue plastic-like tiles, with white and greenish patterns on them. 70’s-like.

On the ceiling, there are two fluorescent lights with thick white opaque round covers–which is the most dreadful part of the room once the natural light ceases for the day. When this light is on, everything in the room takes on the colour of the eyes of a dead fish.

And really that’s about everything that is in the room. A room could not be plainer. To add to it, my room and I have put nothing at all on our walls, except for a list of phone numbers of accompanists and people in our studios; though actually very recently I put up a sheet of A4 paper with 7 Verb Classes in German in the middle of the wall so I can fall asleep or wake up looking at it. It makes for a very random and dorky piece of “art” on my wall.