All right.. so I guess this past weekend the Blogger people have been working as hard as I have.. but I can’t decide if I like this new design yet.

Anyway, yeah. I’m done with my big paper, done with my promotional. Was it worth it?? Was it worth spending that much time on this project??????? I don’t know.. I thought it was.. but Uh. But still it’s really not everything I wanted it to be – but I really did have to get stuff together, just finish it because I had my promotional coming up and everything.


through all these clumsy steps, hopefully I will know how to do things better..

Anyway.. if anybody wants to read my paper, it seems like you need to get a yahoo account.. and let me know your name. Stephen and Thayne, so far I have you up on the Friends List.. I am at the computer lab and can’t remember any other screen names. Anyway. Once you are on my Friends list, and then you can go to my Yahoo! Briefcase. It’s kind of big because of the image files and what not. .

Why did I do this?

Sometimes I really hate being a cellist, even though I really, really love the cello.