Today I hand-washed a bra, and I have decided that a bra is the Most Awkward Thing To Wash In the World. It doesn’t have a solid shape, yet does not go completely flat either. It has the most awkward little corners, plus the wires, even soft ones, so you don’t even know where to hold and scrub toegher. You can’t just throw it in the washing machine, ’cause then the cups will get all screwed up, and screwed-up bra cups are, god forbid, simply useless. (!!!!!!!! screwed up bra cups!!!!! *pure disdain*)

Then there are the straps. They are probably the dirtiest parts, but you can’t scrub them too hard lest you stretch ’em looser than they already are. And if you’ve worn one under a sweater, say of a grey colour, how the heck do you get the dark ugly lint out of the cups?

I declare: A BRA is a pure PAIN in the Buttocks.

I hope at lesat when I put it on, the OLAY Moisturizing Soap I washed it with will have been soaked into it and nourish my skin.