I had to write all these letters for my family’s Canadian citizenship applications all evening. For some reason we each have a problem. My dad took the citizenship test way back in December last year but has yet to hear from the Citizenship office because his app is filed together with my mom’s, who hasn’t taken even taken the test, and my dad can’t travel anywhere outside Canada because he hasn’t applied for the new Permanent Resident Card for immigrants because he was expecting to get his citizenship shortly. My mom hasn’t even been able to take the test, because the Citizenship Court got suspicious about her frequent trips outside Canada (to Korea for her business and family and to the states because of me and my musical things), so now she has to send them a whole bunch of documents evidencing her social, monetary and familial ties to Canada. As for myself, I took the test back in March and my result came through TOO quickly, a whole month before the end of my school year, so I had to fax the office explaining my unavailibity for the ceremony on the scheduled date and requesting rescheduling. I never heard from them, though. So fishy. So I’ve been sitting here all evening, about to pass out from partying hard last night with mom, doing a great job of finishing two kinds of white zinfandel, and from going to church and going out to eat and walking all over Front Street in the sun and sawing away Sinfonia Concertante at my muted cello as soon as I got back, writing all these super ultra business-like, concise-to-the-bones letters that they will be forced to read and understand and RESPOND TO for god-dang-frying-schumuzim’s sake at the Citizenship Office. It has taken forever and now I am going to bed late. ARGH!

However, I feel a little, well, considerably much, less depressed than when I started. Yay. And I am so gadd*mn proud of my friggin business letters. Go Soo.

Tomorrow, btw, I am watching my parents’ store for the FIRST time in my entire life. Holy.