200+ Shopping Spree and Sugar-free Candies…

Marvelously fun day today.

I spent 3+ hours standing up checking out CD’s at the classical section at HMV… I was totally like a kid in a candy store. *Drool..* I spent 200+ dollars on CD’s and a DVD today – ask for details if you want. I have decided that owning a classical record shop is one of my dreams when I grow older. I’m going to eat all the candies in my own store. Haha. 😀 On my way back, I passed by a “Sugar Factory” stand and bought semi- sweet chocolate-covered coffee beans, “hot lips” jellies (my favourite – flat-shaped, cinnamon flavour and neat, solid on the outside and soft and chewy inside), cola sours, and white chocolate bar with almonds, and a bunch of sugar-free “coffee buttons.” It was great fun munching on those sugar-free [read: guilt-free – though some might dispute, “but what’s the fun then??”] candies on the subway train all the way home.

For now, I am logging off to savour the real treats, my newly acquired treasures. Yum yum.. *mouth watering*


Jonathan: Sorry.. it was a rather spontaneous day today. I went to see a doctor with my mom, and on our way out we decided that I’d go shop for CD’s. I’ll still go with you when you buy CD’s. E-mail to follow!