I watched a glorious movie called The Childhood of Maxim Gorky today.

“To life — To life — that there may be set free all that is good and human in our hearts and minds.”

Maxim Gorky

Other than “Just watch it”, I have nothing else I’d like to add on here to describe the movie. It’s private. But I just know that it will move you, so take my word for it and order it. Right now. [Another movie like that I have seen as of late is Taste of Cherry. If you happen to wonder the reason for carrying on your miserable existence and ponder often about ending it all, especially recommended..]

Aside from that today was a nice day.. if somewhat wasted. The weather lightened up for the first time this week towards the afternoon – nice pool of sunshine in my room while I ate ice cream and watched the aforementioned movie.

I also played some piano.. that was before watching the movie. And before that was practicing, as was after the movie-watching.

And the day was wasted.. but in a way that made me feel very happy. Again, that movie was just like a drop of fresh water on my thirsting mind. Or something like that.

Actually I got on just to write that I miss Stephen very much. 😦

I miss you, Stephen.