“You are a Politician!

(Dominant Extroverted Abstract Thinker)

You are a POLITICIAN (DEAT)— forceful, outgoing, and forward-looking.

You are strong-willed and extroverted, so you enjoy interacting with other people.

You aggressively pursue your goals.

Your creative style of thinking allows you to come up with unusual arguments

and original ideas that appeal to others, but behind it all is an analytical mind that

never forgets the bottom line. While some might see you as manipulative, your

close friends know you are a talented person who deserves the best in life.

Whatever. You *are* manipulative. Whether you use your power for “good”

or “bad” is up to you. If you’re confused what good or bad means, ask a

HEALER. Like EXPERIMENTERS, you have a propensity for cheating.”

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