I came back from my yearly dental check-up. Just like the last time, I have no cavities!


I have Wisdom Teeth growing on both sides, upper and lower tiers… grand total of FOUR friggin’ wisdom teeth growing!!!!! Can you imagine this?!?!? They aren’t visible yet, but they definitely did show on the X-ray and man.. much pain anticipated. Any advice? “What To Do When Growing The Whole FOUR Wisdom Teeth. If anyone has written a book about it, please do link me to its amazon.com page.

It’s a freakin’ beautiful day outside. I think I will go down to Yonge Street to return some scores to the Toronto Reference Library.. If you see a girl wearing a white baby t-shirt and beige denim pants and black sunglasses skipping merrily along Yonge Street today, that will be me. 🙂


Yours truly, Sunny Curly Soo.