Random Shouts

1. Ever heard of Jamie Cullum? Apparently, he rules.

2. I want to be in love!

3. I seriously doubt that a relationship is worthwhile. I mean, understanding that it might be later, of course.

4. I still want to be in love! Isn’t it nice to be in love, at least at first???

5. I downloaded this 24-disc box set of Duke Ellington. Was that worthwhile??? It ate up 3+ GB on my D drive. Time to get a DVD burner, a couple USB HDD’s, plus an iPod. Anybody willing to fund me?

6. On the other hand, the Essential Dave Brubeck is sheer hot stuff.

7. I am off to eat dinner which will consist of a green mango salad, a fried egg, rice, and tuna.

8. Might add to that some kimchi.. provided that I take a couple Tum’s beforehand.

9. I am still feeling pristine clean in my mouth from this morning. I am also proud of the fact that I am cavity-free. Boo-yah.

10. As much as I am tired of them, I love musician friends. Guys, you rock.

11. I seriously need to go eat. Today I ate: a bowl of cereal with low fat soy milk (you know you all love this stuff), a slice of ultra-low-fat-cream-cheesed whole wheat bread, two vitamin pills, a cup of coffee, a banana muffin, and three pieces of dark chocolate. This is so bad. ! At least I’m not eating junk food.

12. Did I mention that Dave Brubeck rocks??

13. Currently listening to: Just A-Sittin’ And A-Rockin’. Duke Ellington of course, you idiot. *looks at the newly created 24 Ellinton folders once again, incredulously*

p.s. You know what’s really sad? A dried-up, 7/8 eaten muffin.