Joke of the Day: Soft Drinks – The Capital Capitalist Product.

“Soft drinks=sugar+caffeine=longer working hours=more money=yummy.”

I: I’m going to post this on my blog. Do you mind if I quote the whole conversation?

Friend: Why would you do that?

I: It’s a nice joke. It’s funny.

Friend: Some might find it too provocative.

I: How is it too provocative? Besides, whom do I care to provoke anyway?

I was going to quote the entire conversation in which this line of logic emerged.. but being the absent-minded genius that I am, or having the ever-so-nimble fingers that I do, I clicked off the conversation window before I realized I hadn’t saved it. I have remembered this much, however.

Another one:

Friend: sweet god. i just saw an ad on… “Could SEX be causing this red RASH? — Could tight pants cause the BURNING down there?”

Friend: “Genital irritation? Get Answers”