You know what I realized?

I might not have internet connection when I go back to Boston – at least not ADSL. I am screwed? Not? Yes? What are you going to do, O my dear friends who so adore speaking to me online?

In other news, I got my hair permed, AGAIN. And I gotta tell you, the curls turned out gorgeous. My highlights are turning a bit more golden blonde from the platinum blonde, but they are still all over the place. Also, I think this is the shortest I have ever worn my hair. I look like a real tomboy, and it suits me just fine. Wait ’til I wear my 50’s mom pink white polkadot dress with this thoroughly modern and “un-feminine” hair..i.e. it’ll be interesting to see how my hair goes with my ultra “elegant” clothes which is 97% of my wardrobe. Go me for mismatch.