I seem to be always missing someone or something.

I guess that’s the story of my life!

This post is dedicated to Gurran, with whom I shared a brief moment of my life. He is going away very soon and I am not likely to see him off.

Well, thanks for the person you are and for your gentleness and thoughtfulness. I’ll miss you a lot from time to time (am I brutally honest here? But I don’t even miss my MOM always; but I WILL miss you and that’s the point!..).. Hugs, and best of luck in everything you do. Stay sincere and honest the way you are.

Many hugs,

Your once-kind of significant-friend of the opposite sex,


p.s. xoxo, ciao. I’d call, but I’m calling from outside the country and I don’t know what the rate might be.. and once you are there, take lotsa pictures ‘n send ’em through gmail.. that’s what gmail accounts are for. 😀