Guys and gals,

I know that I’ve been super out-of-touch with y’all.. I am getting a cell phone (finally.. I am giving into the dark forces of the digital age) and the number will soon be known to you.

I had another tango lesson yesterday, which was the first class of the Saturday series I will be attending regularly for the next six weeks.. I had a very enjoyable time. I have these beautiful shoes for tango that I bought at a whopping.. [I can’t tell you]…but I was dumb enough to walk in them before and after classes as well and ergh, my feet were near death when I finally got home.

I know that I need to get back to some of you via e-mail!!!! I am trying to sort out some information so I can reply with all the pertinent information etc. I will do that soon. Shit, I sound like a dumb administrator or something.. 😮 Sorry about that. Anyway, I will get in touch with you some time this evening. I really have got to go and practice now, though.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

Lotsa Love and hugs,