Wow.. I want to go out for a walk.. it’s so beautiful outside.

This year Boston is actually having an autumn, and it’s sustaining its golden and orange ways quite well into November..

My life this week has been quite hectic. I have been pretty much up-in-the-air, especially since Wednesday morning when I rose at the gloriously dawny hour of 6:10 AM to do laundry, for a reason no less glorious than the fact that I had finally run out of my last pair of underwear the prior day, and was now stuck with a sleep schedule of going to bed at some time around 1:30~2:00 AM and still rising at 7:15~8:00 AM (because I had orchestra..) for the rest of the week. Some highlights of the week, I guess, include the below-reported experience with mon Apollo, plus the time when Signor Monterisi, our resident conductor, called me the “real principal” when I had successfully and rather completely solitarily ploughed my way through a complicated cello tutti solo section in a quasi-serialist student composition we had to sight-read (well, not if you had checked out the part beforehand, but nobody bothered, as usual.. including myself, despite being principal).. [elaboration: it started with four people playing, then by the third measure it was only me playing.. and he said “why is it that four people start but then the second measure it’s three, and then two, and it’s just her playing?.. but it’s okay because she is playing for all four of you.. she’s the real principal.”]

And a moment of epiphany (haha) came last night when I witnessed for the first time Apollo on the phone with his girlfriend. She had been a rather fictitious figure to me, I guess, until that moment.. but when I saw him comfortably couched in his floor lounge with a smile on his face (I think..maybe I am imagining things), I realized she actually was a very real presence.. and then I came to my senses, so to speak. Because, even if I really like a guy, if I see him with his girlfriend once, I immediately drop my feelings.. and that’s how I felt, when I saw him last night. Although it doesn’t mean that I will be able to stop liking him.

SO. Yes.