I’d rather enjoy the people I love just as they are than always wonder and worry about what they are thinking.


I never really thought this would happen to me, but I am just going to bury myself in work because the moment I let myself go, I would think about him. Having to keep myself busy because I am sure to be daydreaming about someone otherwise…? I thank him for all these new experiences he is bringing to me without knowing.


Stephen! I’m sorry about last night. .. wow, there is so much to say but I can’t really say anything… I’m sure you know and understand. I love you.

I love you!!


AND now. Haha. This friend of mine who is in his ensemble told me that she actually thinks that he is smart enough to google my pseudonym from which I sent that ridiculous e-mail to him. This made me laugh for five minutes, seriously, because, haha… I will quote some past comments..

Phuzz: Um…doesn’t that kinda kill the anonymity of it? I mean, if he just thinks about Googling “stradgirl”…

But no risk, no reward, right?

stradgirl: hehe.. and yes, my blog IS the first thing that shows up on a google search.. but honestly, i don’t think he would think of doing that..


Phuzz: Heheh, I’m just waiting for this guy to google you…

stradgirl: i bet MONEY that he won’t google me.

Hahaha…..?!??!!?? Haha. David, are you reading this??? :P.

Anyway. Yeah. The worst thing about daydreaming about someone is that you are very likely to make him out to be so much more than who he is in your fantasy. I really don’t know him all that well. He is just a boy! Aggh!! He IS! 🙂 He is a very very sweet person who lights up your day, and that’s a very very cool thing; but other than that, what do I know? So yeah. I’ll stop being silly.. I’ll see if my heart skips again the next time I see him. 🙂 If it doesn’t, all the better. If it does.. *shrug* I will just be like.. “haha.. how cute..”.. at myself, that is.

I will be myself.