Stress level: going UP!

But I’m still okay. I just wish I had money because I seem to need to make an extra trip to Ken Meyer’s to put these absolutely necessary pieces of wood under the feet of my bridge which is just too short to support these metalic strings on which I mercilessly pound out my Prokofiev Sinfonia Concertante, et al.

On another note, I watched 2001: Space Odyssey today. Ligeti is definitely cool, but so is Johann Strauss Jr. 😛 Viennese waltz does make you feel much better.

What else.. let’s throw in some random words snatched up from my stream of consciousness quickly. Mahler.. mm songs.. yes.. Straus.. Morgen.. indeed, indeed… sweet, sweet sound, hopefully from my cello, too, because that’s what my heart is right now.. and what.. beautiful style… impressionist plus Shostakovich plus Bartok plus Beethoven maybe? Good structure.. good job, Troy (I am playing his quartet on Tuesday in the New Music Concert with Beloved David (God bless him (inspired by Narnia)) and other esteemed colleagues). God Bless Brahms, lovely Die Mainacht. And Mahler.. Mahler. Christmas is just around the corner, and I just need to plough through these weeks now. Give it my all… and be patient.. and tenacious… I can do this.

I have to go now.. but regards to you all, and especially, sugar cookies to those who seem to hate me.. I am grateful to know that you care enough to hate me. 🙂

A line from today’s sermon: “Mercy is the willingness to enter into the chaos of the other’s life.”

I’m sorry God, that I don’t have enough room in my heart, at least not yet. 😦 I will try.

I love you, Stephen.