I am so tired.

My promotional went well!!! I wasn’t in top shape, but I think my playing represented me well enough for the purpose. Of course I don’t stop here!! But I think I have redeemed myself. Hah.. I am about to drop dead though. Last night was one of the most draining nights of my life, and I fell asleep in tears and with all my clothes and make-up and contacts on.. and I had a long bad dream where I had to fight people who had knives.. and I mean kitchen knives. I had to fight back in the end and I escaped. Other than that, I slept like a dead person.. I felt great once I was up, as a result of the cathartic ending last night eventually came to, but I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired in the last half year. And I have a rehearsal coming up in 45 minutes, and a concert. I so wish for this day to be over so I can take a quick nap and then start on my projects.

I still know I can do it.