I don’t think I will ever get married, because I am too self-centred for anyone to want me as his spouse. According to my mom when she is really mad at me, I don’t really love her. When I don’t even love my own family, how could I love a stranger?

Aside from that, I probably lack natural talent, but success is all about ploughing through no matter what and I will do that. Give me all the trash and crap you want, I will just work hard; and see who wins at the end of the day.

Sometimes I doubt that my soul is pure or deep enough to be an artist, but who says the greatest artists were the most selfless people?

Anyway, since I am not good enough for anything the way I naturally am, I should at least work hard and try to make something of whatever little glimmer of hope and potential I have. So. Good-bye people, I am off to practice and study.

I’ll probably “see you in the neeext liiiiiife…”*

(*this is a Radiohead quotation; you didn’t really think I was that much of a sap, did you? I mean, I can be a Drama Queen, but I’m not that bad.)