Man I freakin’ love Whole Foods.

It’s gotta be my FAVOURITE store in the entire city. (Well, maybe after Burdick’s and some bookstores.) It’s got everything… like EVERYTHINGGGGGGG… I don’t think I will ever go out to eat at a restaurant again, unless it is a particularly celebratory occasion such as a Birthday (yeah it’s tomorrow, better get ready for extravagant birthday greetings, you.. just jk.) or a post-concert reception.

Man.. I had the best dinner just now.. it was this huge heap of super-fresh “salad” with lotsa meat and tofu (three different kinds! there was a fourth kind, but I decided to stay moderate.. the moderate sort of personality I am (hem hem)), some butternut squash, couscous, among other things, and I really ate to ALL my heart’s content.. plus I also had some soup, and the price to which all of this came is obscenely low that I shall not even mention it on here. Dude. Now THIS is real fine stuff.

Anyway. K.. I am really dehydrated so I will go and satisfy the needs, and hmm, yeah, that was really the only thing I would talk about on my blog. But, hey, if you have a Whole Foods store nearby, don’t miss out! If you had some spare time, you should definitely work there. Think of all the benefits, all in FRESH FOOD and flowers and chocolate!!!