I miss mom. I wonder where she is. Where is my mom?

I also miss Gavin. I think we could have been better friends, but we met at the wrong points in our lives.. but I really do miss him.

I can’t deal with people. It’s really funny how those I miss are either unavailable or unreciprocating while those who miss me seem to suffocate me until I feel violated. Sometimes even people who both miss me and are missed by me end up violating me and whatever there existetd in the relationship. It is irreparable for a long time, and it hurts all parties involved so much. It is a vicious cycle.

Also, I think this might be a good time for me to move to a location where nobody can find me – I want to go back to my anonymous days. I don’t really want to write so much online, if it hadn’t already been noticeable in the last half year or so, and while I wouldn’t want to write so much on a new blog either, I really would like my privacy back. This blog will stay here forever archived, but you won’t be seeing any more from me from now on. Good-bye – I would like to fly to a Mediterranean city and live in a house whose walls are so white under the shining sun that your whole being could dissolve into platinum-golden dust in the blinding light.

The sky is such a clear blue on this obliviously shining, glorious January afternoon.