…i can get my ears closer to it when something is being done than when something is being said even with words so much music goes up and down in a melodic way reaching a high point and a low point and coming to rest and in so doing seems to be saying something other music doesn’t do that so much if it were saying something it seems to be saying it over and over to such an extent that you think that nothing’s being said but something’s being done because you can hear it being done and you can notice variations in it as it’s being done… – John Cage

That’s my favourite, most profound kind of musical experience. The quote courtesy of Care. Thanks Care..

[18:16] thestradgirl: yeah. i think that’s so beautiful. i love music that doesn’ t try to dominate you
[18:16] thestradgirl: rather, i like the kind of music that floats around you while at the same permeating through your soul
[18:16] thestradgirl: gently
[18:16] thestradgirl: and lets you reflect.. breathe and feel and imagine.. lets you live and re-live.
[18:18] thestradgirl: where i can reflect through the music.. where i feel like i’m given a chunk of time and space to freely explore and go wherever i want.. and that’s entirely my own.
[18:19] thestradgirl: i feel so free, so happy.. so content
[18:19] thestradgirl: that is my happiest moment
[18:19] thestradgirl: when iam sitting in a concert hall
[18:19] thestradgirl: in the audience..