My Good Singing Day / When My Vocal Cords Feel Good

[16:03] thestradgirl: today feels like
[16:03] thestradgirl: a good singing day
[16:03] thestradgirl: i feel like i have a good singing voice today
[16:03] thestradgirl: why am i laughing as i ‘m typin this
[16:03] thestradgirl: my vocal cords feel well rested
[16:03] thestradgirl: hydrated
[16:03] thestradgirl: and my tone has this ping to it
[16:03] thestradgirl: which is good
[16:03] thestradgirl: it’s my good singing day
[16:03] thestradgirl: though i haven’t sung yet today
[16:03] thestradgirl: 😮 why, did i just write a poem
[16:03] thestradgirl: lol
[16:04] thestradgirl: “My Good Singing Day”
[16:04] thestradgirl: “When My Vocal Cords Feel Good”
[16:04] thestradgirl: ewww
[16:04] thestradgirl: hahahhaah
[16:04] thestradgirl: HAHAAHAHAA
[16:04] thestradgirl: HAHAHAAHAHAHHaA