This was meant to be a note on my facebook account, but facebook seems to be ridden with bugs lately. WTH?


Moo.. facebook freakout.

Should I write to Mark Zuckerberg?

I am doing well, very happy… studying is going well. I go to my Sunday school kids’ grade meeting at one of their houses tonight, and tomorrow we are all going to a cemetary nearby because November is the month of the “Faithfully Departed.” Other than that, plus all the nitty-gritty details of law school applications, my life is pretty simple.. possibly too simple. I am not doing enough work because I procrastinate by habit, which has deeper roots. I need to kick myself constantly to get something done. Haha.
Hmm.. this is the very first “traditional”ly blog-like post I am putting up. I’ve always found this public diary medium to be self-absorbed and narcissistic, but maybe someone will find entertainment in it. I don’t plan on doing this regularly though.
Hope everyone’s day’s going well… it’s a foggy cool day over here, and it’s quite beautiful in fact…

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