Woman from Mars – Miss Sunshine Soo says:
can you tell my cold to go away?
nick says:
nick says:
to the virus presently residing in the beautiful temple of julia soohyun “the bomb” nam: please vacate said blessed premises with immediate haste! or i shall bring forth the force of my 500mg viatmin C pill that i took this morning!

[12:03] thestradgirl: ARGH
[12:03] thestradgirl: can you tell my cold to go away?
[12:04] Jantzus: Cold, stop messing around with Soo.
[12:05] Jantzus: Look, we can work out a settlement.
[12:05] Jantzus: If you stop messing with Soo, you can crop up later for one day and infect 8 of the kids that she’s working with.
[12:05] Jantzus: Now, you don’t take the deal, we’ll have the immune system escort you out and you won’t get anything.
[12:06] Jantzus: I’ll give you 24 hours to think this over, but if you don’t make a decision by then, you’ll be gone within 36.