articles mentioned:
Michael Dirda on Kundera’s new essay book, The Curtain. ” In an age of ephemera, Milan Kundera has long championed the permanence of art and the Flaubertian ideal of making every word count…
“Charles Darwin spent 20 years keeping evolution to himself in private dread. Alfred Russel Wallace didn’t give a damn what people thought… ”
A longer article on Alfred Russel Wallace.

[20:55] cpark014: A true novelist, he proclaims, should aim at nothing less than to build “an indestructible castle of the unforgettable”:
“Against our real world, which, by its very nature, is fleeting and worthy of forgetting, works of art stand as a different world, a world that is ideal, solid, where every detail has its importance, its meaning, where everything in it — every word, every phrase — deserves to be unforgettable and was conceived to be such.”
[20:55] thestradgirl: ” To write without having that ambition is cynicism: a mediocre plumber may be useful to people, but a mediocre novelist who consciously produced books that are ephemeral, commonplace, conventional — thus non-useful, thus burdensome, thus noxious — is contemptible.” !!!
[20:55] cpark014: EXACTEMENT!!!!
[20:55] thestradgirl: YES
[20:55] thestradgirl: 🙂
[20:56] cpark014: 🙂
[20:56] cpark014: a mediocre plumber…
[20:56] thestradgirl: 🙂
[20:56] cpark014: most certainly what we shan’t strive to become!
[20:56] thestradgirl: 🙂
[20:56] thestradgirl: yeah
[20:57] thestradgirl: that one
[20:57] thestradgirl: meant a lot ot me
[20:57] thestradgirl: with regards to writing..
[20:57] cpark014: you are a Writer.. !
[20:57] thestradgirl: yeah um
[20:57] cpark014: you are a narrator
[20:57] thestradgirl: i neglected it
[20:57] thestradgirl: and didn’t put serious effort into it because
[20:57] cpark014: ?
[20:57] thestradgirl: i felt so compelled to be.. somehow naked
[20:57] thestradgirl: honest
[20:57] thestradgirl: and i think i may have restrained myself
[20:57] thestradgirl: in that effort
[20:58] thestradgirl: i mean
[20:58] thestradgirl: writing is fundamentally a different form of expression
[20:58] thestradgirl: from speaking
[20:58] thestradgirl: one does strive for polish
[20:58] thestradgirl: even calculated form and balance
[20:58] thestradgirl: i somehow found all of that deceitful
[20:59] cpark014: hence the candid effusions.. ? or?
[20:59] thestradgirl: it seemed as though i had to package my words/thoughts to be so polished
[20:59] thestradgirl: yep
[20:59] cpark014: words certainly do have that potency
[20:59] thestradgirl: hence the candid effusions.. only improvisatory, mostly insgifnicant free flows of consciousness
[20:59] thestradgirl: yeah
[20:59] thestradgirl: but
[20:59] thestradgirl: it is not a liability
[20:59] thestradgirl: it doesn’t have to be.
[20:59] thestradgirl: it has its roles
[21:00] thestradgirl: as polished expression
[21:00] thestradgirl: and a writer must strive to make the most of it
[21:00] thestradgirl: stravinsky’s words on restrictions come to mind, again
[21:00] cpark014: hehehe…
[21:00] thestradgirl: 😀
[21:00] cpark014: constraints…liberating
[21:00] cpark014: the precision of execution.
[21:01] thestradgirl: the instinct in me to question the “received wisdom” is so great in me that
[21:01] thestradgirl: i think i sometimes rebel too much for my own good
[21:01] thestradgirl: i don’t have to reject Form entirely
[21:01] thestradgirl: i can learn to use it as my spring board..
[21:01] cpark014: ggudeh
[21:01] thestradgirl: and i will not be shy to make my writing good
[21:02] thestradgirl: new period in my life, care
[21:02] thestradgirl: 🙂
[21:02] cpark014: 🙂
[21:02] thestradgirl: 🙂
[21:02] thestradgirl: dude
[21:02] cpark014: you are 23…!
[21:02] thestradgirl: speaking of rejecting the conventional, read the new yorker article! haha
[21:02] thestradgirl: yeah
[21:02] thestradgirl: i am 23
[21:02] thestradgirl: a good age
[21:02] thestradgirl: the start of a real trip
[21:02] cpark014: :-):-):-)
[21:03] cpark014: do you still write? often?
[21:03] thestradgirl: i just write in my journal
[21:03] thestradgirl: but
[21:03] thestradgirl: i have ideas
[21:03] thestradgirl: i will catch them
[21:03] thestradgirl: it seemed a meaningless endeavour for such a long tie
[21:03] thestradgirl: time
[21:04] thestradgirl: but it will only be as meaningless as i make it to be.
[21:04] thestradgirl: i guess you could say the same thing about any creative endeavour
[21:04] cpark014: perhaps it becomes more realized over time
[21:05] thestradgirl: yeah
[21:05] cpark014: but i am certainly no judge of that
[21:05] cpark014: 🙂
[21:05] thestradgirl: hee hee
[21:05] cpark014: i merely speculate!
[21:05] thestradgirl: oh yeah
[21:05] thestradgirl: we all do
[21:05] thestradgirl: merely speculate.
[21:06] cpark014: 🙂
[21:06] cpark014: i did
[21:06] thestradgirl: what is the meaning of doing anything?
[21:06] cpark014: a lot of reading
[21:06] cpark014: today
[21:06] cpark014: hmm..
[21:06] thestradgirl: that is a question i have asked very often
[21:06] thestradgirl: haha
[21:06] thestradgirl: in college.
[21:06] thestradgirl: oh
[21:06] thestradgirl: reading!
[21:06] cpark014: what is the meaning of doing anything?
[21:06] thestradgirl: reading is a way to partial salvation.
[21:06] thestradgirl: yeah
[21:06] thestradgirl: what is the meaning of doing
[21:06] thestradgirl: ANYthing
[21:07] cpark014: what is the meaning of doing anything… anything .. can be.. a set goal…. what is the meaning of accomplishing this goal………..happiness or a step towards happiness? or perhaps something….
[21:07] thestradgirl: mm.. i don’t know
[21:07] cpark014: a sense of accomplishment which can deepen and solidify desires…..?
[21:07] thestradgirl: you could get very buddhist about it
[21:07] thestradgirl: but.
[21:07] thestradgirl: yeah
[21:07] cpark014: hmm
[21:07] thestradgirl: why do these desires matter
[21:07] thestradgirl: in m y case it had so much to do with other people
[21:07] cpark014: hm
[21:07] thestradgirl: fulfilling expectations.. wanting to be loved
[21:07] thestradgirl: oh btw
[21:07] thestradgirl: FM 91.1 very happy music
[21:07] thestradgirl: right now
[21:07] thestradgirl: 🙂
[21:07] thestradgirl: perfect
[21:07] cpark014: hahahahaaa
[21:08] cpark014: let’s see..
[21:08] cpark014: 🙂
[21:09] cpark014: are we just.. performers?
[21:09] cpark014: actors acting on some setup
[21:09] cpark014: for an audience?
[21:09] cpark014: whom we may or may not be directly affiliated with?
[21:09] cpark014: whose reactions we will make into our own?
[21:09] cpark014: or at least take into serious consideration
[21:09] cpark014: because
[21:09] cpark014: we have no other way of objectively judging ourselves?
[21:09] thestradgirl: sorry my mom came in.
[21:09] thestradgirl: and.
[21:09] cpark014: no problem!
[21:10] thestradgirl: yeah.. whose reactions we will make into our own.
[21:10] thestradgirl: yeah
[21:10] thestradgirl: what is objectivity
[21:10] thestradgirl: it’s strange
[21:10] thestradgirl: like
[21:10] thestradgirl: you know, asking what is reality
[21:10] cpark014: oh man
[21:10] thestradgirl: objectivity.. means absence of subjective opinion
[21:10] thestradgirl: but we all are subjective
[21:10] cpark014: i couldn’t answer you in depth until half a bottle of wine later…
[21:10] thestradgirl: so we have rules but.. where do these rules come from? aren’t they all arbitarry
[21:10] thestradgirl: yeah
[21:10] thestradgirl: hahahha
[21:11] thestradgirl: but then
[21:11] cpark014: i have no idea where these rules come from.
[21:11] cpark014: WHERE
[21:11] thestradgirl: i know when i hear a very beautiflu sound
[21:11] cpark014: RULE LAND?!?!!
[21:11] thestradgirl: that is a beautiful sound.
[21:11] cpark014: what is that then, what…. is it
[21:11] thestradgirl: i appreciate it subjectively, but it really is superior to many other sounds i hear..
[21:11] thestradgirl: yeah
[21:11] cpark014: the mark of foreign familiarity?
[21:11] thestradgirl: RULE LAND
[21:11] thestradgirl: hahaha
[21:11] cpark014: is it…. something having to do with cognitive science
[21:12] thestradgirl: hahahah
[21:12] cpark014: to each his or her own, in regards to appreciating beautiful sounds…
[21:12] thestradgirl: but then
[21:12] thestradgirl: there is some consensus
[21:12] cpark014: what is beauty?
[21:12] thestradgirl: because say
[21:12] thestradgirl: i play a recording that i like
[21:12] thestradgirl: and you
[21:12] thestradgirl: appreciate it
[21:12] thestradgirl: the beautiful sound that ia ppreciate
[21:12] thestradgirl: and so do many others
[21:12] thestradgirl: of course there is a variety of what constitutes beauty
[21:12] thestradgirl: but there are a few things on whose beauty people agree
[21:13] thestradgirl: i should read some aesthetics.
[21:14] cpark014: maybe we’re all just from the same planet.. perhaps we share the same memories but from different phases of our individual lives blended in together like the natural counterpoint of how a woman might turn her head and her neck might resemble a swan on a pond where a man is sitting with another woman who exists in another memory with another man at this same pond…
[21:16] cpark014: .. chal modagaso
[21:16] cpark014: beyond all of us
[21:16] thestradgirl: 🙂
[21:16] thestradgirl: wo wwow woww owo ww
[21:16] thestradgirl: that is insane
[21:16] thestradgirl: i see a collage
[21:16] cpark014: where?
[21:16] cpark014: hahhaahaha
[21:16] thestradgirl: haha in what you just wrote
[21:16] thestradgirl: what if you wrote
[21:16] cpark014: hahahahahaha
[21:16] thestradgirl: a little figure to each part
[21:17] thestradgirl: the swanlike neck
[21:17] thestradgirl: pond
[21:17] thestradgirl: man
[21:17] cpark014: also it is at night
[21:17] thestradgirl: anothe rman sitting at th esame pond
[21:17] cpark014: the man sitting at the pond
[21:17] cpark014: it is night
[21:17] thestradgirl: different phases.. layered together
[21:17] cpark014: 🙂 i am no writer
[21:18] thestradgirl: i meant music!
[21:18] cpark014: haha I KNOW
[21:18] thestradgirl: if i were a composer
[21:18] thestradgirl: hahaha
[21:18] thestradgirl: i might try something
[21:18] thestradgirl: like that.
[21:18] thestradgirl: heh
[21:19] cpark014: you should try it!
[21:19] cpark014: i would rather make a short film. i think
[21:19] cpark014: or
[21:19] thestradgirl: oh yhea
[21:19] thestradgirl: short fil
[21:19] thestradgirl: m
[21:19] thestradgirl: woudl be super cool
[21:19] thestradgirl: what if
[21:19] thestradgirl: um
[21:19] thestradgirl: both music AND short filim
[21:19] thestradgirl: or music AND slides
[21:19] thestradgirl: of collage
[21:19] cpark014: dun dun dun.
[21:19] thestradgirl: moving
[21:19] thestradgirl: dun dun dun.
[21:20] cpark014: TWO IDEAS PUT TOGETHER!
[21:20] cpark014: i would have to think about it
[21:20] cpark014: hahahahahaa
[21:20] cpark014: obviously!
[21:20] thestradgirl: :D!!!
[21:20] thestradgirl: obviously!!!
[21:20] thestradgirl: but yeah
[21:20] thestradgirl: FORM IS IMPORTANT!!
[21:20] cpark014: because i am just hearing the guy talking on the radio hahahahaha 😉
[21:20] cpark014: FORM IS SOO CRUCIAL
[21:20] thestradgirl: hahahah
[21:20] cpark014: foundation, stability, structure…
[21:20] cpark014: the theory of it all
[21:21] cpark014: i had kahlua today
[21:21] thestradgirl: oh yeah?
[21:21] thestradgirl: kahlua
[21:21] thestradgirl: yum yum yum
[21:21] cpark014: 🙂
[21:23] cpark014: what is the most beautiful thing
[21:23] cpark014: you can think of
[21:23] cpark014: right now
[21:23] cpark014: randomely
[21:23] cpark014: anything
[21:23] cpark014: that first comes
[21:23] cpark014: to your mind
[21:26] thestradgirl: hahah
[21:26] thestradgirl: um
[21:26] thestradgirl: okay
[21:26] thestradgirl: santa fe
[21:26] thestradgirl: sunset
[21:27] cpark014: when were you there/
[21:27] thestradgirl: never
[21:27] thestradgirl: just saw pictures
[21:27] thestradgirl: my old teacher plays in santa fe opera
[21:27] thestradgirl: haha in the summer
[21:28] cpark014: i like that
[21:28] cpark014: hehe
[21:28] thestradgirl: haha
[21:28] thestradgirl: kay
[21:28] thestradgirl: gotta split..