I chatted with Michelle until 5 in the morning, and I have work at 9AM. I sleep for 3.5 hrs and try to function like a normal human being? Not sure how that’s going to work out. But anyway, I’ll try my best. I am worried that I will be dead tired on Friday at my concert, because you are supposed to sleep 2 nights before something important. Well, I almost sorted out my b-day situation (knock on wood!), thanks to Michelle, so that was something at least.  I was getting very worried and stressed out about this birthday dinner thing of mine, so it is good that this was taken care of. Hope that the restaurants, at leats one of them, are available for Thursday, January 21st. I am hungry thinking of sushi. Again, I am so fucked b/c I will be late for work, and I don’t know how I will function in classes and then in rehearsal tomorow. Something tells me I might be skipping Evidence again. Ohhh no.

Hey it’s going to be SUNNY! today. Yay.