In Litigation & Dispute Resolution, talking about the exorbitant legal fees and the sources and possible solutions to better distribution of legal services etc.

Discussing at the moment whether debt influences everything — of course debt influences everything!.
At NYU, students who were given financial aid up front had a much higher percentage of going into public interest jobs than students who were given the money later. This is so obvious that it borders on banal. Of course it helps having empirical evidence even for the most obvious argument.

Talking now about agency exploitation by lawyers even of the sophisticated clients, high switching costs in the event client unhappy w/ counsel b/c the work is either non-transferable (getting to know the other side’s counsel, etc.) or will take a long time & become really expensive (familiarity w/ case, etc.)

Now discussing possible solutions / any measures that could alleviate these symptoms. Silence..
There is one guy who always speaks up in this class, and w/ him missing today, the class is T U M B L E W E E D.

In other news, I have this big gigantic double chocolate chip cookie on my desk, but what I really want to eat is the Ceasar salad I feel too embarrassed to eat in class. Enough of this sugary stuff.